Apophenia - EP

by In Sequence

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released September 29, 2016

Alex Mascart 2016.
Alan Watts segment on 'Awake' licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0



all rights reserved


In Sequence Canterbury, UK

Music, or something thus resembling.

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Track Name: This Silence
We lost it all last night,
Take a chance to make it,
I think we're losing sight,
Never again because we built it,
We can make it all disappear,
We've shown to the world we can make it,
So hold my hand my dear,
It's two against the world,

All the way to find out what we are,
Half way to remember we have scars,
Stay right here to remain in line,
Truncate this silence,
Until you're out of time,
Track Name: Half Way There
I can't get it right,
All through the night,
Even when you're here,
You're here with me,
I'd forget the world,
If you forget the world,
We could stay here,

But all the people say-,
But all the people say-,

"There's nothing here for you,
Except the fleeting few,
We just have to be,
Here in this now,
We warned you once before,
Before you hit the floor,
Will you listen now?"

I can feel it get closer,
I can feel it get closer now,
I can feel it get closer,
I can feel it get closer now,

Now i'll get it right,
All through the night,
Because you're here,
You're here with me,
Let's forget the world,
Let's forget the world,
We will stay right here,

Don't give up,
You're half way there,

I can feel it get closer,
I can feel it get closer now,
I can feel it get closer,
I can feel it get closer now,
If you let me know,
When you are awake,
We'll get up and go,
And we'll get on our way,
Track Name: Awake
I am finally home,
Pinch the skin,
Hold my breath,
To find out what we are,
I follow you my love,
In the night,

"But you see after this event called life,
If you go back to unconsciousness,
You go back to where you were before you started,
And since there can’t be any experience of non-experience,
Any next “I” that comes up,
In fact all next “I”s that come up are you,
Only since “I” is an experience of centrality,
You don’t experience yourself as multi-centred,
You experience yourself as a particular centre,
Because the universe, although it is multi-centred,
Each centre is experienced uniquely,
So what you might roughly expect is this,
That after you die,
The next thing you know,
Is that you are (without the slightest memory of whatever happened before),
You repeat the same sort of experience you had when you were born,
As somebody else being born,
There has to be someone around,
I’m merely saying that the experience of being “I” goes on,
Even if there’s an interval of several billion years,
It makes no difference whatsoever,
Supposing the human race was wiped off the planet,
And it took that much time for it to reappear,
Or any living creature,
That would make no difference to this phenomena,
So, let me repeat;
Since there is no possibility of a non-experience,
There are always experiences coming up,
And each one of them is you,"
Track Name: Carolina Pope
And I'll find a way,
I'll meet you there,
We'll cross the road together,
Fall in line,
I know it's trouble,
So keep it simple,
A shallow grave to till my heart,
Oh no!
We'll stick together,
Through all the fire, embers, dark
Do you remember,
Those golden eyes?
Hold me down past forever,
Holding on to an ever,
So I'll find a way,
I'll meet you there,
On the other side of the road,
Here we go!